4th Gen DIY Multi-Zone

Ductless Mini Split Cold Climate Heat Pump

22 SEER | 11 HSPF | 2-5 Zones

Lifetime Condenser Warranty with 7 Year Unit Replacement – The best in the industry.

The 4th Generation DIY Series provides class leading comfort and efficiency with smart app control of temperature and humidity of each zone. Stay cool in the summer and save on heating in the winter. Quick Connect precharged threaded lines are so easy and reliable that DIY installation without special tools or training is covered under warranty.

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Class Leading Comfort and Efficiency.
Up to 22 SEER and 11.5 HSPF

The MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone is the whole home heat pump system that you can install yourself. It’s variable DC inverter compressor is capable of operating at -30°C. The 12k indoor unit ranges from 23.5-38 decibels and connects with Android, Apple, Nest and Alexa for convenient control and allows geofencing with Follow Me mode to condition just where you need it and when you need it.

No special tools or training are required for installation backed by a Lifetime Compressor and 7 Year Full Unit Replacement Warranty. You can retrofit your building for zero emission heating and air conditioning in under a day. Quick Connect is great for homeowners and professionals because it’s more reliable than field refrigerant work. In-house HVAC has never been easier for builders and property managers or more affordable for HVAC companies and being an independent installer has never been better.




Those new to heat pumps can follow the manufacturer recommendations of 12K per 500ft² to size their indoor units by room size and select an outdoor unit to match them. The DIY Series vary their output as needed so they can be sized for heating and still provide ideal cooling and dehumidification in summer.

Check out mrcool.com for up to date documentation.