Sustainable Solutions

The future of comfort.

Start saving today with a cold climate heat pump anyone can install.

Choose your system to start building.

Design a whole home ductless or central heat pump and order today.


Aerothermal systems offer the same unparalleled comfort that made geothermal heat pumps legendary.


Smart apps with scheduling and geofencing give you precise temperature and humidity control anywhere.


Quick Connect threaded lines create a perfect charge every time so anyone can install a heat pump under warranty.


A high efficiency heat pump system can be designed and installed in a day without special tools or training.


Variable DC inverters provide superior comfort for a fraction of the energy used by traditional systems.


Next generation systems work practically anywhere and make large duct systems and perimeter outlets unnecessary.


DIY heat pumps are the fastest and most cost effective way to end our second largest source of emissions.


Our customers enjoy savings up front and operating costs under half that of legacy equipment.

Every year our customers save:


kilograms co2


heating costs

Universal Series

The future of HVAC. No furnace necessary.

The MRCOOL Universal Central Heat Pump is a cost saving zero emission heating and air system with better humidity and temperature control than any furnace.

Replace your traditional furnace and air conditioner with an ultra high efficiency central heat pump rated for -30°C to save on upfront and operation cost.

Quick Connect threaded precharged lines install in minutes without special tools or training and provide a perfect charge every time.

Order yours today.

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