MRCOOL central heat pump condenser, air handler, and quick connect system.

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We’ll help you find the DIY heat pump that works best for you. Anyone can design and install our featured systems under warranty by following a few manufacturer recommendations.

Enjoy easy online ordering of premium cold climate heat pumps with delivery to most of Canada. Our customers save thousands on infrastructure and energy in comfort.

If you have any difficulty with installation or operation you can get help from the experts by email or by phone. We are the original Canadian distributor of MRCOOL and we can say with confidence that nobody has more experience helping homeowners install their own heat pumps.

Please email any questions to info@acclimatic.ca!


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We’ve helped thousands of people experience the comfort, safety and savings of next generation infrastructure. Our customers know that every home deserves a heat pump. Bring the future of comfort into your home today!

We do not offer installation at this time. Installers and sellers can join our fulfilment network and benefit from truckload pricing or order equipment on demand. With time saving precharged lines and delivery to your site there’s never been a better time to be an independent installer.

We insure our shipments and our carriers will be responsible for any damage from shipping. Any shipping damage must be reported to the carrier at the time of delivery to qualify for a claim. Equipment warranties are provided by the manufacturer and customers are responsible for shipping costs of replacement parts.

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Energy Savings = Cost Savings

Annual heating costs were determined by collecting information on propane and oil heating prices from publicly available data on NRCAN’s website

A cold climate heat pump can harvest warmth all winter and easily save you over 50% on your utility bills. Depending on outdoor temperatures our systems are 1.5-3.7 times more efficient than any furnace while an electric furnace alone is more efficient than gas and significantly cheaper than propane or oil.

High efficiency heat pumps can reduce an average homes energy costs by as much as 70% and switching to electric infrastructure saves families thousands in gas customer fees while eliminating the health and safety risks presented by dangerous chemical fuels and exhaust.

Customer Assurance

Shopping online can be safer than shopping in person. When you buy from us your investment is protected in a number of ways:

Payment – Our secure checkout means your personal financial information stays between you and your financial institutions. 

Shipping – We insure our shipments with our carrier so they will be responsible for any damage due to shipping reported to their agent at the time of delivery.

Installation – We are not responsible for installation errors or accidents but some home and credit card purchase insurance provides replacement coverage.

Operation – Factory precharged lines are so reliable the manufacturer can offer DIYers a Limited Lifetime Condenser and 7 Year Full Unit Replacement Warranty.

Support – Experts at 270-366-0457 Monday to Friday or via email at mrcool/contact if you need any help with the installation or operation of your system. 

Taxation – When a vendor fails to charge tax you’re responsible for filing. We collect and remit tax by default and there are no hidden charges or duties.

Privacy – We only use your address and contact information to fulfil your order and we do not share such information or sell any of your data in any way.

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